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I need something funny. Here another gif (I really like creating these x3)! This time it’s JohnKat… kinda.
John is me and the awesome Karkat is traumatas . Wonderful person and awesome cosplayer! Love her v.v
And I got to meet her and do a shooting and awesome grndjdndjjshdbx Thanks *^*


drawing is very frustrating lately! i cant get anything to look the way i want it to look 


You have never been so scared in your entire life.

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It must be a trick! He surely would have told you if he was making the trip all the way out here from his hive stem.


AG: Arrivederci, Megido.

arachnidsGrip [AG] ceased trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]


don’t worry bro’s here to protect you.

quick thing eh


My bootiful girl Vriska Serket. Wow. Isn’t she a looker? I rp as her sometimes. Such fun. #homestuck #vriska

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Sometimes, I like to remember that these two probably met when there was a six-year age gap between them. I just wanted to do a quick height comparison.

Gamzee sees his future, and it pretty clearly went through puberty on a liquid diet.