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Warning: LONG POST

If you want to display your god tier title on your blog’s sidebar, here’s something you could use! I’ve made these little squares with every possible combination of class + aspect.

They are really simple to use! Here are some guidelines, anyway:
1. How to install them: copy this code, then go to your blog and click Customize. Paste the code in your sidebar description. Then change “CLASSPECT IMAGE” into your square’s image code (to get it, right-click on the image and choose “copy image link”). Remember to hit Save when you’re done!
2. No need to credit me, but please don’t remove the url in the code above (if you’re not using that code, please put a link to my blog. I’ve spent an insane amount of time making these for everyone to enjoy).
3. I have created only canon classpects so far. However, if you want an unofficial aspect or class, just drop me an ask and I’ll make you a brand new square asap!
4. As I’ve said before, I’ve spent many hours working on these, with bad results on my eyes and nerves, therefore if I find out anyone is deleting the source for these, I might murder them. ◕‿◕

And now, to the FULL CLASSPECTS LIST (sorted by class)
Are you a…


- Bard of Blood
- Bard of Breath
- Bard of Doom
- Bard of Heart
- Bard of Hope
- Bard of Life
- Bard of Light
- Bard of Mind
- Bard of Rage
- Bard of Space
- Bard of Time
- Bard of Void


- Heir of Blood
- Heir of Breath
- Heir of Doom
- Heir of Heart
- Heir of Hope
- Heir of Life
- Heir of Light
- Heir of Mind
- Heir of Rage
- Heir of Space
- Heir of Time
- Heir of Void


- Knight of Blood
- Knight of Breath
- Knight of Doom
- Knight of Heart
- Knight of Hope
- Knight of Life
- Knight of Light
- Knight of Mind
- Knight of Rage
- Knight of Space
- Knight of Time
- Knight of Void


- Mage of Blood
- Mage of Breath
- Mage of Doom
- Mage of Heart
- Mage of Hope
- Mage of Life
- Mage of Light
- Mage of Mind
- Mage of Rage
- Mage of Space
- Mage of Time
- Mage of Void


- Maid of Blood
- Maid of Breath
- Maid of Doom
- Maid of Heart
- Maid of Hope
- Maid of Life
- Maid of Light
- Maid of Mind
- Maid of Rage
- Maid of Space
- Maid of Time
- Maid of Void


- Page of Blood
- Page of Breath
- Page of Doom
- Page of Heart
- Page of Hope
- Page of Life
- Page of Light
- Page of Mind
- Page of Rage
- Page of Space
- Page of Time
- Page of Void


- Prince of Blood
- Prince of Breath
- Prince of Doom
- Prince of Heart
- Prince of Hope
- Prince of Life
- Prince of Light
- Prince of Mind
- Prince of Rage
- Prince of Space
- Prince of Time
- Prince of Void


- Rogue of Blood
- Rogue of Breath
- Rogue of Doom
- Rogue of Heart
- Rogue of Hope
- Rogue of Life
- Rogue of Light
- Rogue of Mind
- Rogue of Rage
- Rogue of Space
- Rogue of Time
- Rogue of Void


- Seer of Blood
- Seer of Breath
- Seer of Doom
- Seer of Heart
- Seer of Hope
- Seer of Life
- Seer of Light
- Seer of Mind
- Seer of Rage
- Seer of Space
- Seer of Time
- Seer of Void


- Sylph of Blood
- Sylph of Breath
- Sylph of Doom
- Sylph of Heart
- Sylph of Hope
- Sylph of Life
- Sylph of Light
- Sylph of Mind
- Sylph of Rage
- Sylph of Space
- Sylph of Time
- Sylph of Void


- Thief of Blood
- Thief of Breath
- Thief of Doom
- Thief of Heart
- Thief of Hope
- Thief of Life
- Thief of Light
- Thief of Mind
- Thief of Rage
- Thief of Space
- Thief of Time
- Thief of Void


- Witch of Blood
- Witch of Breath
- Witch of Doom
- Witch of Heart
- Witch of Hope
- Witch of Life
- Witch of Light
- Witch of Mind
- Witch of Rage
- Witch of Space
- Witch of Time
- Witch of Void

BONUS: Dreamer Squares

- Prospit Dreamer
- Derse Dreamer

For any problems, feel free to message me on Tumblr, or to send me an e-mail. :D

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